ARHIVDEPO INTERNATIONAL SRL is a company founded in 2014, having as main activity the provision of specific services in the field of Archiving (CAEN Code 9101), according to the National Archives Law No.16 / 1996, the Law No. 138/2013 and the Order of the Internal Affairs Minister  No.137 / 2013.

ARHIVDEPO INTERNATIONAL SRL  is being authorized by the National Archives for: Archival Processing of Documents (Authorisation No. 86 / 14.06.2016 ) Document Bindery (Authorisation No. 94 / 23.06.2016); Preservation and Keeping of Documents (Authorisation No. 171 / 09.10.2015); and Use of Held Documents (Authorisation No. 40 / 08.05.2017).

Authorisation for Preservation and Keeping of Documents  No 171/09.10.2015

Authorisation for Archival Processing of Documents No 86/14.06.2016

Authorisation for Document Bindery No 94/23.06.2016

Authorisation for Use of Held Documents No 40/08.05.2017