According to the National Archives Law no. 16/1996 with subsequent modifications and completions, the Procedure of Archiving Processing of the documents requires the following mandatory operations to be performed:

  1. Grouping the documents in archived units (groups of files) in chronological order, according to their themes and to the keeping terms, established in the Document Archival Nomenclature held by the document creator
  2. Dusting and staple removing
  3. Grouping the documents within the archive unit (within a file)
  4. Binding the documents in hardcover volumes/files (the files must have a maximum of 250-300 pages), labelling the files and enrolling the contents on their spine.
  5. Page numbering for all documents and Certification of documents with permanent storage term
  6. Archive inventorying both on paper and electronic (word document).
  7. Documents preservation in Standard Archiving Boxes (according with the law), boxes  labelled based on box inventory list = 3boxes / linear meter
  8. Initial organization of the archive – drawing up of the Deposit Guide
  9. Consultancy for and / or drawing up of documents selection according to the current archiving legislation (selection works are done on documents whose keeping term has expired)
  10. Assistance in verifying the selection protocol submitted to the County offices of the National Archives
  11. Updating inventories after approval of the selection activity in the Recording Register of the incoming/outgoing archiving units
  12. Handing of the archive and inventory based on a Handover Protocol to the document creator

The price per linear meter (ml) for the archival processing operations made at ARHIVDEPO warehouse, depending on the complexity of the engaged/performed activities and according to the below detailed pricing list, starts with:

  1. Archival processing (without selection): 898.00 lei / ml archive
  2. Archival processing without ordering documents within an archival unit: 748.00 lei / ml archive
  3. Selection of the archive (already archival processed and inventoried): 450 lei / ml archive
  4. Selection of the archive (not archival provessed): 700 lei / ml archive and includes the ordering of documents in terms of storage, inventory, binding in packages, preparation of the selection works
Euro rate lei
1 Grouping the documents in archived units (groups of files) 40.00 5.00 200.00
2 Dusting and staple removing 10.00 5.00 50.00
3 Grouping the documents within the archive unit (within a file) 30.00 5.00 150.00
4 Binding the documents in hardcover files (duplex paper) and labelling (30 files/ml) 50.00 5.00 250.00
5 Page numbering for all documents and Certification of documents 10.00 5.00 50.00
6 Archive inventorying 30.00 5.00 150.00
7 Standard Archiving Boxes (as per law), archive preservation boxes  with lid  = 3 boxes/ ml (6.00 lei/box) 3.60 5.00 18.00
8 Box inventory 4.00 5.00 20.00
9 Box labeling according with inventory 2.00 5.00 10.00
10  Document selection procedure 50.00 5.00 250.00
11 Assistance in verifying the selection protocol (when needed) 20.00 5.00 100.00
12 Inventory of the documents subject to selection including legal storage terms / Update of inventories, following the selection, for the already existing in storage archive 40.00 5.00 200.00
  Handing of the archive and inventory 0 5.00 0

Mention: the total value of requested and performed operations is negotiable depending on the length of the archive

The total price / linear meter  for the aforementioned operations starts with  898.00 lei / linear meter of the processed archive. (or 32.10 lei / processed and bound file including preservation in labelled boxes – the cost of the selection procedure will be calculated separately depending on the performed operations) according with the complexity of the performed operations. A linear meter includes approximately 28-30 folders with 3 cm spine each (250-300 pages).

By personalizing the offer for services performed by Arhivdepo on beneficiary’s premises, the price starts with 35.00 lei/processed file (or 980 lei/ml) according with the complexity of the performed operations, for the following services:

  • Simple Document Archiving Processing (without binding and standard archive boxes, only using your hardcover file folder for these operations, and without consultancy for and / or drawing up of documents selection, assistance in verifying the selection protocol and updating inventories)
  • Selection of documents
  • Binding the documents

If you do not hold the Archival Nomenclature, Arhivdepo specialists can create it for you at the price starting with 1,000 lei (depending on how many services, departments, directions the document creating company has).

If it is desired that document binding to be done with cardboard covers (as the law is requesting), the price of the archiving covers is:

  • A4 cardboard covers with 3 holes at spine                                                              starting with 25 lei/piece
  • A3 cardboard covers with 3 holes at spine                                                              starting with 30 lei/piece

The price of storage boxes (L = 330mm x w = 250mm x h = 320mm) is 1.22 euro/box (6.00lei / box) – resistant box with lid

For archive transportation/transfer (small size archives) to the storehouse, Arhivdepo charges a fee of 3 lei / Km, but not less than 200 lei / trip. If archive manipulation  is necessary  (upload and download) the fee is 25 lei / hour / person (not less than 100 lei / person) for at least 2 people per trip.
Arhivdepo car transport is done only in Bucharest and the surrounding areas.
For big size archives, the transportation/transfer will be done with an External Contractor, the price will be negotiated directly with him upon and according with transport request.

At Arhivdepo, the archive preservation and storage/keeping  is done according to the National Archive Law of no. 16/1996 and of Law no. 82/1991, republished, on storage terms, as follow:

  1. 10 years after their creation for economic and financial documents (including those documents with 5 years keeping term)
  2. 50 years after their creation for staff payroll documents and other staff records (decisions, tables, minutes), fiscal documents,  documents regarding the external politics, documents of the private capital trading companies
  3. 75 years after their creation for personal files;

For Document Storage in Arhivdepo storehouse, the monthly storage fee is 5.00 lei/ ml of archive/month = 1eu/ml of archive/month (meaning either 3 archive boxes containing documents bound in hardcovers or 4 archive boxes containing hardcover file folders)

For contracting archive preservation and storage in Arhivdepo storehouse:

Euro rate lei
1 Monthly storage fee   = 4 boxes/ml (6.00 lei/box) for boxes containing hardcover file folders 1 5.00 5.00
2 Standard archiving boxes (as per law) = 4boxes/ml 4.80 5.00 24.00
3 Ordering archival boxes according to standards 4.00 5.00 20.00
4 Draw up box inventory list (4boxes/ml) 4.00 5.00 20.00
5 Labelling archive boxes (4boxes/ml) 2.00 5.00 10.00
6 Handing of inventory on paper and Microsoft office word document 0 5.00 0

(We mention that 1 standard archive box contains 3 hardcover file folders with a 8cm spine or 5 hardcover file folders with a 4cm spine)

Consulting your archive can be done in the Arhivdepo lecture room with ZERO costs.

  • Cost of extracting the box / document (including return) = 2 Eur / box (9.40 lei / box)
    • If it is necessary to transport the document / box with documents to the beneficiary’s premises, a transport fee will be added.
    • Cost of document search, scan and fax / mail transmission (if necessary) = 0.5 lei / page – only for identifiable documents (doc no., date, name, box, etc.)

The taking over of the documents (archive) belonging to the acquiring/purchasing company  will be done based on a taking-over report and a contract signed by both parties.

Based on the above mentioned prices, ARHIVDEPO will present a Custom Offer according with the beneficiary’s  actual archiving requirements. The offer is negotiable depending on the volume of the beneficiary’s archive and the complexity of the performed archiving processing operations.

ARHIVDEPO is not a VAT payer. (If, during the contracted period, Arhivdepo International becomes a VAT payer, then the value of the VAT will be added to the value of the contract, and the Purchaser will be informed in writing about this fact.)

Thank you,