The preservation and keeping of the documents is done in a modern, newly constructed building that was conceived from the design phase for this purpose according to the latest European Union rules in the field so as to ensure the necessary conditions for the proper keeping of the documents and their protection against damage agents.

Our storage space is divided into storage cells (each cell has storage capacity of approximately 1800 linear meters standard metallic racks), that can be accessed, for archive security reasons, with proximity cards.

At ARHIVDEPO archive storage and preservation is done in an authorized and licensed space that offers:

  • Temperature and humidity monitored and controlled non-stop
  • Infrastructure designed to withstand high magnitude seismic movements
  • Alarm systems, security and non-stop CCTV monitoring
  • PSI Authorization for archive storage
  • All ISO certifications
  • Logistic planning by specialists

The archive Air-Conditioning is made with direct-cooling systems operating for cooling and heating in a heat-pump system with an external unit (UE) 1-n and an inner unit (UI) 1.1- (UI) n.2 with available pressure non-carcasse type. Operating limits for cooling 180C / 430C and for heating -70C / + 240C.

Dehumidification is done with a TTK 355 S system,  mono-block in direct damping, set to automatically start at 65% relative humidity and stop at 40%.The heating system is made with radiators and thermal agent supplied by a thermal plant (1060Kw) on gas.

Electric power stream is used for: lighting and sockets; safety lighting: power plant and protection against accidental contact voltage and atmospheric voltages plant. The safety lighting network is connected to the main power supply panel of an automatic generator group.

Fire-extinguishing systems using water are: indoor hydrant (12 hydrants), external/outdoor hydrant (6 Hydrants), and sprinkler network for archive storage place, for which branched distribution networks start from ACS plant. These installations are supplemented with PSI equipment for initial intervention, represented by portable fire extinguishers, where appropriate, with inert gas (for storage) and P6 type CO2 powder (for offices) and other materials according to DG PSI 003 and Normative NP 24/97.