Arhivdepo offers the documents’ creator the following Services/Products:

ARCHIVING PROCESSING guaranteed by ARHIVDEPO, according to the National Archives Law No. 16/1996 and the norms in force (both at the headquarters of the beneficiary and at the ARHIVDEPO warehouse) involves activities of:

  • Grouping the documents in archived units (groups of files) in chronological order, according to their themes and to the keeping terms, established in the Document Archival Nomenclature held by the document creator
  • Documents’ dust and staple removing
  • Grouping the documents within the archive unit (within a file)
  • Binding the documents in hardcover volumes/files (the files must have a maximum of 250-300 pages), labelling the files and enrolling the contents on their spine.
  • Page numbering for all documents and Certification of documents
  • Archive inventorying both on paper and electronic (word document).
  • Initial organization of the archive – drawing up of the Deposit Guide
  • Consultancy for and / or drawing up of documents selection according to the current archiving legislation (selection works are done on documents whose keeping term has expired)
  • Assistance in verifying the selection protocol submitted to the County offices of the National Archives
  • Updating inventories after approval of the selection activity in the Recording Register of the incoming/outgoing archiving units
  • Handing of the archive and inventory based on a Handover Protocol to the document creator

ARCHIVAL NOMENCLATURE, if not held by the documents’ creator can be created  by Arhivdepo specialists

CONSULTING THE ARCHIVE can be done in the lecture specially dedicated  within the storehouse. The Arhivdepo staff provides all requested documents.

TRANSPORTATION / TRANSFER of the beneficiary’s archive is done by Arhivdepo car fleet.

The archive PRESERVATION AND KEEPING is done in accordance with the National Archive Law No. 16/1996, on keeping/storage terms:

  • 10 years after their creation for economic and financial documents
  • 50 years after their creation for staff payroll documents and other staff records (decisions, tables, minutes), fiscal documents, documents regarding the external politics, documents of the private capital trading companies
  • 75 years after their creation for personal files;
  • 90 years after their creation for documents regarding criminal businesses, notarial and judicial documents;
  • 100 years after their creation for medical documents, civil status registers, documents regarding the national safety and integrity;

For archive preservation and storage are used standard archiving boxes, according to the norms in force, with the following dimensions: L = 330mm x W= 250mm x h = 320mm.

The Services/Products offered by ArhivDepo for documents preservation bound for storage are:

  • Standard archiving boxes (as per law) = 4boxes/ml
  • Draw up box inventory list (4boxes/ml)
  • Labelling archive boxes (4boxes/ml)
  • Draw up of archiving fund (of archive boxes)/ml
  • Handing of the archive and inventory to the documents’ creator, based on Handover Protocol


For the efficient management of documents, ARHIVDEPO provides qualified personnel in the systematization of archive funds and the draw-up  of record-keeping tools (delivery-receipt, deposit guide, etc.) as well as, where appropriate, of the Archival Nomenclature of the document creator.